Understanding Design
Protect Your Creations and Foster Innovation


Design play a crucial role in the world of creativity and intellectual property. Whether you're a designer, a manufacturer, or simply curious, understanding the fundamentals of design models can help you protect your creations and encourage artistic progress. In this section, we will explain the ins and outs of design in an accessible manner for everyone.

What is a Design ?

A design is an intellectual property right that protects the aesthetic appearance of a product or a part thereof. It can include patterns, shapes, colors, or a combination of these elements. Design help prevent unauthorized copying or counterfeiting of original products while fostering innovation and creativity.

Why Register a Design ?

Registering a design offers several benefits. Firstly, it grants the holder the exclusive right to use and market the protected design, which can provide a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, design can be valuable assets for businesses as they can be sold, licensed, or serve as a basis for new creations. Lastly, registering a design encourages innovation by rewarding designers for their original ideas and promoting an environment conducive to emerging aesthetic trends.

Design Holder Obligations

As a design holder, you have obligations to maintain your rights. It is essential to ensure that your design is used lawfully and to respect the rights of others. This means you cannot copy or use someone else's protected design without permission. You must also monitor the market for any unauthorized use of your design model and take appropriate measures to protect your rights.

How to Register a Design ?

To register a design, you need to file an application with the relevant office in your country or internationally. The application should include drawings or graphical representations of the design, along with detailed information about its aesthetic features. Once registered, your design enjoys legal protection, and you can use the appropriate symbol to indicate its registered status.


Design play a crucial role in protecting artistic creations and fostering innovation. Whether you're a designer seeking to monetize your creations or simply interested in the world of intellectual property, understanding design allows you to leverage their advantages.

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